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I've spent nearly 40 years immersing myself in personal development in some way shape or form. At first it was by accident. As a young man I began training in Taekwondo under a man who later became the US Olympic Team Head Coach. Through him I learned that was capable of so much more than I had originally dreamed. I earned my black belt, became a NY State Champion, won some regional events, began traveling outside the US earning medals abroad and the highlight was earning a Gold Medal at the National Sports Festival (later known as the US Olympic Festival).
From there I was invited to live at the US Olympic Center where I spent 2 years as a resident athlete - team captain and liaison to the USOC for my sport. Later I would return as an assistant coach and resident director. My television debut came along side FOXSports Barry Tompkins on a ground breaking Pay-per-view for Taekwondo, then two times on ESPN with Dave Sims of CBS/Westwood One Sports fame.
Although I did not make the Olympic Team I carried with me the lessons learned and entered direct sales when I left competition. I began in a health and nutrition industry building networks in the USA, Spain, Mexico and Canada. Speaking on stage, working with teams to build the mindset and skills necessary for success gave me a sense of contribution to others I'd never known.
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I began studying many forms of personal development, with an emphasis on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) earning both practitioner and Master Practitioner certifications. The non-certification studies include, hypnosis, self-image psychology, coaching methodology, charismatic presentations, chi kung and several martial arts other than Taekwondo....all to assist me to be better in order to be more effective.
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As a speaker I've shared the stage with the likes of Jim Rohn, Mark Victor Hansen, Brian Klemmer and former Congressman Dr. Ron Paul. From coast to coast and border to border in the USA, Spain, Canada, in Mexico - Mexico City , Guadalajara , Queretaro , Cancun, Ixtapa, Cabo San Lucas and Caracas & Valencia Venezuela, Panama City Panama and Malta.
Today I reside in the high desert of New Mexico, continuing to speak at select venues in the USA and Latin America. My consulting efforts are divided between an Information Technology Provider and an up & coming Direct Sales company.
My #1 client that requires continued development is still my first ever!



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