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10 January, 2012

"Never argue with a fool. From a distance no one can tell the difference." - unknown

Ok, we're off an running here in 2012 and nearly everyone I know has set a goal for the new year or as they are better know - "New Year's Resolutions." Uufff, it's the language that gets me.  "Resolutions" implies that has resolved or is resolute in that said goal will be accomplished by any means - legal & ethical of course.

To be resolute, it means "No matter what..." not "We'll see how it goes..."

Understand what the word means and how it is to be used correctly. Get a dictionary, look it up - know what it is you're saying when you state that you have a resolution.

Have you aligned your goals with your values? That's will help you be resolute.

Have you identified the differences in your life after you've achieved said goal? That will help you feel more resolute.

Can you visualize yourself as already having achieved the goal or resolution? Can you hear what is being said about you after you've hit your mark?

Take some time time to review your language because your language plays a HUGE role in the direction your life takes. Know what it is you say and when you commit to something do so with a "No matter what..." attitude.

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We'll talk soon, until then put everything you have into everything you do!

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