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Fit or Fat at 50?

27 January, 2011

Ok, here's the deal - no more BS, I'm pissed off.

There are so many messages being sent my way. Via life, God, the universe, people I know, my own life, and a host of ridiculous commercials.

I was talking about this with my friend Nathan, you the fitness stud that is one of the presenters at the Pursuit of Excellence (next one is March 24 - 26 stay tuned). We were talking about these absurd commercials that are being used by Big Pharma.

First, I have nothing against Big Pharma, this is not a rant about drugs. It IS a rant about what the hell has gone on with the mindset of the general populace about their health & fitness.

Nathan & I were discussing the disclaimers at the end of these commercials.

"May cause suicidal thoughts when you stop using..."

"Has not been confirmed to be linked to DEATH..."

"May cause vomiting, nausea and anal bleeding...."

"May cause depression, loss of ambition..."

What gives people?! And a lot of this is aimed at my generation (+/- 2). The "Baby Boomers" are constantly being bombarded with these things to "help" us live :::ahem::: better.

Here's the deal Skippy, two things are happening a lot, and they are:

People getting sick & people are dying and in some, even many cases it's due to a lack of DISCIPLINE!

I understand that there are times when people need the requisite narcotics, but that's not always the case.

YES gang, in some cases it's completely avoidable.

I'm not talking about being a super freak, 4% body fat, granola eating, vegan, yoga pretzel (not that there is anything wrong with that).

I am talking about exercise, augmenting your diet with nutritional supplements etc.

Move your body - resistance training, yoga, martial arts, pilates, running, jogging, SEX (yes Virginia sex counts), fencing, badminton - get the idea - MOVE YOUR BODY!

Eat better - vitamins, protein, drink good water, minerals, et al serve a purpose.

Want red meat? Go ahead, just don't eat the whole cow.

Want pizza? Go ahead, but limit yourself to2 or 3 slices.

Want sweets? Go ahead, but as a reward not as a staple of your regular diet.

I could go on....but I won't, if you don't get it by now.....ugh.

Moving forward in years does not mean you have to decline in your performance at any level in any arena. Sure maybe I'm not gonna play in the NBA or cross the picket line if the NFL needs fill in players next year, I can admit that.

But, and this is a great place to use 'but', I can and will be at my best, be functionally fit, be able to run, to bend, to play, and have an abundance of energy as I approach and move beyond the half-century mark.

I stay as far away from Doctors, drugs and big pharma as I can. It's a choice I have made.

The choice is also uniquely yours.

The best is yet to come!

(to be continued....)




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