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Hiding in Plain Sight

18 April, 2012

"I always wanted to be the best I could be at whatever I did. I didn't want to be the number one golfer in the world. I just wanted to be as good as I could be." - Greg Norman

Not long ago I was returning home from a trip. It was a quick one - arrived Tuesday and returned home on Friday. Saturday was spent resting from the trip and straightening up the office, Sunday found me prepping for Monday.

Whilst I was in my office I stopped for a moment to refresh myself with a nutritious beverage. Coming in brightly colored packets they're all ways easy to spot.  I set the packet that I was going to mix into my water on my desk for just an instant and in that instant it was gone!

Nothing, couldn't locate it for the life of me!

Not under the chair....

Not next to the desk....

Not under the table next to my desk....

Not inexplicably half way across the room....

Not bouncing out the door and down the street....

Not in Sofia's little mitts running into the living room....

What the heck was going on? (this is good stuff)

You see I was looking for a packet of mix that has a red cover, at least in the front. I was programming my mind to look for the red, it should've stood out. What I did not allow into my awareness was the back side of the packet which is white. It was blending in with other papers.

Hmmmm, I actually had to stop myself because I knew it was there however something was blocking me from seeing it. So I stepped back, took a breath and put something else in my mind. Then within a few seconds came back to my search and then all of the sudden BAM....there it was.

Fascinating set of events. In one instant I went from not seeing something that I wanted, to finding it right in front of me the entire time I was looking for it. This is common in our pursuit of excellence as well. Often times we can miss achieving a goal simply because we don't recognize it. We're looking too hard. Don't be so intensely focused that you miss what it is you're looking for.

Until next time, put everything you have into everything you do!

The best is yet to come!




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