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How do you live Your life?

11 October, 2015

"Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into." - Wayne Dyer

Tuning often I've heard those words. For the TV, the radio, a conference call, team meetings and even with my family. Tuning in and being aware is a huge step in accelerating your way to success.

Earlier in my life when I heard someone say something about being the best or something like that, I would cringe or criticize them for being arrogant, cocky, conceited or whatever. However, in life we learn, grow and often evolve our views. Opinions we once held no longer seem valid. This is one of those moments where I've grown.

Soccer, or Football to my international friends, has become a big part of my life over the past 6 years because of my daughters. I've watched the game during Word Cup or major events throughout the past 30+ years, and even know who the stars are. Or, in this case a MegaSuperStar in Cristiano Ronaldo. He's my favorite player and has been since he left Portugal as a young man to play for Manchester United. He is considered by many to be the best player in the game right now.

He is a glamour boy, a celebrity with model good looks, tremendous ability, unrivaled work ethic and and ego to match. But here is what he had to say recently that caught my attention. It was in a documentary that's coming out about his life from soccer, his family and friend; all aspects of his life. He said, "I was made to be the best. That's how I life my life."

WOW! That was like a punch in the face! A bucket of ice water dumped all over me - it WOKE ME UP!

Like I stated above, I see things differently now. Now this makes sense to me. When Ronaldo says that he was made to be the best he's saying he was made to be the best and he lives his life that way, he's saying that he lives his life to honor the talents he was blessed with. He wakes each day and focuses on how he can make the most of himself. He doesn't waste time, he doesn't lack off, he gives his all each and every day. Whether that is at practice, at a game, for his club, his country or with his family and friends - he simply gives it his all everyday.

Good stuff from the Portuguese phenom.

So what does this mean to you? Nothing or everything - that depends on you. You have the choice of looking at yourself as having been made to be the something - work, school, your relationship whatever and then life your life like that everyday.

That choice is uniquely yours.

Until next time put everything you have into everything you do because the best is yet to come!





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