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MKMMA - Week #4

23 October, 2015

"Mind is indeed the Builder... what is held in the act of mental vision becomes a reality in the material experience. We are gradually buildt to that image created within our own mental being." - Edgar Cayce

Already 4 weeks in to the Master Key Mastermind Alliance 2015 and this post could take a multitude of directions. However, there is one aspect of last week's webinar that truly stands out from the rest.

There are many facets or personal development - visualization, goals, affirmations, self-hypnosis, discipline, language et al. All of which is backed up by a study of some sort. Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking the aforementioned tools. I use them all and will continue to do so. Each one is useful.

So where am I going? in the webinar (#MKMMA2015 Week #4) the hosts played a clip from the movie, "What the Bleep Do We Know?" and it was like I just did another ice bucket challenge. I have seen this movie multiple times, I actually own it as well, yet it never hit me. We create the feelings that we're addicted to...WHAT?!?!?! Watching the scientific explanation of pep-tides, neuro-transmitters, neural nets etc was fascinating. It opened my eyes and solidified the early stage objectives of the course, re-calibrating the subconscious mind, learning how it works and how to reprogram the same, then backing it up with scientific evidence. This is serious stuff!

Backed up by Nobel Prize winning science, those who participated were presented with a pathway to rapid, lasting change. Not a foo foo let's hug it out, get in touch with our inner child, namby pamby, let's put our Birkenstocks on and talk about the benefits of hemp weekend seminar (not that there's anything wrong with that). This was real, and it's shown up in the past 5 days of utilizing the knowledge gained.

I could tell you I know all this stuff, and I do. I could talk like an expert on it, and I do. Yet in my own life I was missing the boat. I became too familiar with myself. Whuh?! Yes, I got too comfortable in my own skin and lost the excitement of what got me started in the first place. When I made the decision and commitment to clean my proverbial slate and start anew it was the best thing ever for me. I got excited, I started learning again, looking at things with fresh eyes. And, in order to do that I let go of my hear me fellas?! And ladies?!

It's really simple. The sooner you get out of your own way, your life will flow with little effort. It's not supposed to be difficult. But when you create your own addiction to chaos and victim-hood....well you know the rest.

Start with your world on the inside, and watch what happens in your world on the outside.

Until then, put everything you have into everything you do because the best is yet to come!





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