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MKMMA Week #8 - Maintaining Mental Hygiene

20 November, 2015

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar

Zig is so right with comment. Not because he’s referring to personal hygiene, but it’s his recommendation of daily motivation that that is crucial. (by the way, the hygiene is recommended too!)

Anyhow, average people tend to stimulate the anti-motivational factors daily. News programs, TV Sitcoms et al don’t add any value to your life. The Reality TV show du jour is certainly not advancing you toward your “Life On Your Terms!

On the contrary, they tend to “wall walk” you in the wrong direction. If you don’t know what wall walking is, ask my friend Big Money Kev. He found out in San Francisco one weekend.

Wall walking is something we used to do to each other in High School. As we’d walk down the hallway, one of us would angle the direction of our stride ever so gently in the direction of the wall, forcing the person walking next to us closer and closer to the wall and eventually into a garbage can, water fountain or even better, the unsuspecting individual.

This is an excellent example of how the small nudges from familiar sources can gently steer us away from our purpose. This can leave us lost, unfulfilled and usually wondering, “What happened?

The importance of consistency when it comes to attending conference calls, seminars, or listening to audio programs and coaching to keep us on track is without question. Consistency in your pursuit of the entrepreneurial high life is key. Make sure you're tuned into a program to keep you on track for two reasons:

#1 – Get the latest and best in strategies & tactics. Concise and direct action steps to take – you’ll be creating “Success on Purpose!

#2 – You’ll establish your own personal momentum toward achieving your goals not what obstacles you hallucinate are in your way – Reach Your Dreams!

Don't hide behind your ego - let it go! Once I surrounded myself with my "Circle of Excellence" (aka MKMMA2015) everything started moving at light speed.

Master Your Performance – the choice is uniquely yours!





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