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MKMMA Week #9 - Bumps in the Road

27 November, 2015

“He who knows no hardships will know no hardihood. He who faces no calamity will need no courage. Mysterious though it is, the characteristics in human nature which we love best grow in a soil with a strong mixture of troubles.” – Harry Emerson Fosdick

From time to time in pursuit of excellence, you will come across the proverbial "bump in the road.” If you’re going to be successful in life, you’d better get used to it. Many people believe that if they were more successful, they’d be better able to handle their problems. My suggestion is that if they handled their problems better, they’d be more successful. Ain’t that a kick in the head?

You should welcome the problems and challenges as opportunities to grow.

In physical culture and athletic training muscles must be pushed to the point of breakdown in order to repair themselves and become stronger. The more you push yourself the stronger you get, the more endurance you build etc.

Life provides the same benefit. It will push you to the point of breakdown. It will cause you to re-evaluate your path. At times it will bring you to your knees. Your muscles don’t have the same option that you do in these situations. Muscles don’t have the option of CHOICE.

They, your muscles, must repair themselves. It’s what they do.

You, however, have the unique and awesome power to either make yourself better from your challenges OR do nothing and slide into the abyss of the non-producer, the excuse maker and the blame-it-on-everyone-else crowd. Somehow if you’re reading this post, I don’t believe you’re in that camp. I believe that you step up to challenge. You head into the battles of life looking forward, not over your shoulder.

Of course there will be times when you don’t want to do what you know you should do. It’s easy to be overwhelmed; it’s easy to be taken over in the moment by seemingly impossible odds. But that’s only in the moment. Stick to your plan. Take hold of your vision. Don’t get knocked off course by the miniscule thoughts that will lead you astray.

Maintain your focus on the outcome you desire, not to fear that is trying to capture your attention. You’re in control.

So as you continue moving toward your goals, make quick work of the obstacles, step over the challenges and breakthrough the barriers. They’ll only make you stronger and better than you were before you encountered them.

The best is yet to come!





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