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You Gotta Be Kiddin' Me!

5 April, 2012

"I don't think there's any such thing as setting your goals too high. The higher you set your goals, the more you are going to work. If you don't reach them, then it's okay, just as long as you set it and then give 100% of yourself." - Dan Jansen

Ok this is becoming increasingly more silly, as in crazy, as in absolutely ridiculous....or as Mel Brooks character so appropriately stated in "History of the World", this is NUTS! N-V-T-S....NUTS!

What am I talking about? Here we go - March Madness is one of my favorite times of the year. Yes Virginia I'm referring to the the NCAA Men's Conference Championships & NCAA Men's Basketball National Championship tournament. It's a blast and something I've enjoyed most of my sport loving life.

Unfortunately to enjoy said "March Madness" one must engage in significant watching of the Electronic Income Reducer or what is better known as the television. Uuufff, with that comes commercials. And with the commercials come the inevitable drug/pharmaceutical bits. This is where it gets stoopid.

I was watching one f the games of the Elite Eight I believe and the commercial began. Then somewhere in the middle it hit me, "....may cause anal bleeding, nausea, hair loss and possible depression...." it continued with more disclaimers and then finished with, "so ask your doctor if 'product X' is right for you."

Ummm excuse me did you say the words "anal bleeding" etc as a possible side effect and then tell me to ask my doctor if the drug is right for me?


Have we become so numb and irresponsible that these jackasses can market to us so blatantly? "But they have to tell us the possible side effects." Uuuff, sure they do BUT what about taking steps (ie being responsible for oneself) and exercising, eating better, supplementing and looking for alternatives.

I, for one, use supplements as part of my health regimen. Recently a local acquaintance was criticizing me about some of the products i use. He said, "You gotta be careful with that stuff man. That stuff will mess you up." This he said as he sucked down a venti fat laden, sugar saturated triple shot coffee, eating a scone. I countered with, "You're fat & out of shape. I'm 10 years older than you and can run circles around you without breaking a sweat. If I want your body and your health, I'll start treating my body like shite, just like you. Until then, know your place."

My point is this, know what's going on. Find good sources for information and take responsibility for your health and your fitness. What a shame it would be to find yourself in a position where you begin to take the aforementioned drugs and then take another and another...each to counteract the effects of the previous one.

Excellence is not just about your mind, your beliefs et al. Your mind must balance out with your body.

Show Up, Suit Up & Step Up! The choice is uniquely yours.




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